At the Cortinez Law Firm, we offer a personal approach to solving your legal issues. We take the time to appreciate our client's interests, circumstances and goals and provide our client's with a tailored approach .

The Cortinez Law Firm practices on the principle that many times legal matters can be resolved through mediation and negotiations. We aim to facilitate practical, realistic, long-term solutions and in doing so we zealously advocate on behalf of our clients.

Unfortunately, not all situations may be resolved through mediation. When litigation is in our client's best interests, our firm is equipped to continue onto a trial docket. The Firm will represent our clients vigorously at trial to ensure their rights are heard and ruled upon.

We Emphasize The Following Areas Of Practice:

Personal Injury Workers Compensation
Wrongful Death Products Liability
Criminal Law / Felonies

Whatever your circumstances, going through a complicated legal process is never easy. It is during these times that you will notice that it pays to hire a lawyer you can trust.

At the Cortinez Law Firm we serve people all over Arkansas. Our clients seek justice without delay, so we work hard to be worthy of their faith. We promise superior service, this means returning phone calls promptly, and making house calls on request.

You don't have to come to us, we will come to you. Because of our belief in fairness and diplomacy most of our clients get what they want quickly, quietly and out of court.

As Proof Of Our Dedication To Achieving Results, We Work On A Contingency Basis. That Means That We Only Get Paid When You Do.